Begin by Breaking Loose

An easy, practical introduction to unlocking originality. Hint: Your ears are your new best friends.

Breaking Loose on iPad

Everyone starts here.

Beginners and advanced students all start with Breaking Loose as a hands-on, engaging introduction to the tools and techniques of Freescaling. Even if they can’t read music, students of all levels can play along with the backing tracks. Most interesting of all, they get to start using the unique Rhythmetrics chooser — what we call the Amazing Idea Generator.

Who’s it for?

Breaking Loose begins by teaching students a melody by ear — not by reading. It’s an easy melody and anyone can learn it. That’s a pretty simple concept, right? Yet, along the way, students find themselves naturally engaging in much more complex activity: hearing the chords behind the melody, exploring rhythmic possibilities, improvising a new melody over the track, and transposing the song to a new Key. Elements of music theory come up naturally as your students progress. Aspects of melody, harmony, and rhythm begin to grow in their consciousness — and, therefore, their repertoire.

I’m a teacher. How do I use it with my students?

You’ll want to experience Breaking Loose yourself before leading your students through it. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a good sense of how to introduce the lessons. Each student will have a different experience working through the song. The structure of the module makes it clear how to proceed, step by step; but you’ll also find plenty of opportunities for valuable detours, digressions, and “teachable moments.”

You can assign Breaking Loose as a home study project; the self-teaching set of audios are set up in such a way to guarantee student success, learning, and fun. You may also decide to assume the teach-by-ear role yourself, so as to fully enjoy the opportunities for conversations with your students about music theory.

Or you may choose to do what I sometimes do, which is to take the time in a lesson to observe a student as they go through the instructions. This provides really valuable insight for me into how my student thinks musically. It directs me to music-making voids I need to fill.

Does it come with a book? What other materials do I need?

Freescaling is a fully online course. Everything you need is right here, literally at your fingertips. All you need to take full advantage of Freescaling is a piano or keyboard, an internet connection, and a handy computer or tablet—or even a smartphone. As you explore Breaking Loose’s backing track player and the unique online Rhythmetrics generator, you’ll be thrilled by the way computer technology—sometimes so shallow—is here put to work in the service of deep creativity, improvisation, and learning.