The 5-minute habit

Freescaling isn’t the only program that can teach you scales and the fundamentals of music theory. But only Freescaling does it by connecting you to your own creative power.

Imagine if you could get in shape from working out five minutes a day?

With Freescaling, you can.

It’s easy for students to fit five minutes of Freescaling (the length of one play-along track) into their day. There’s no slog; it’s fun, easy, quick, and brings real benefits over time. As with building any other skill, playing consistently for a few minutes a day is much more effective than the occasional marathon practice session.

Mastering scale fingering is almost an incidental benefit of the 5-minute habit. The real fun comes with the built-in originality. Exploring keyboard geography leads to meaningful melodic and harmonic discoveries. The elegant Rhythmetrics interface spurs similar breakthroughs and inventions with rhythm.

Remember, this is not about “practice makes perfect.” We’re not trying to become perfect improvisers. Instead, while we learn the practical skills of the piano, we are also learning how to uncover and create possibilities.

Pretty good return for five minutes a day.