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There are two ways to use Freescaling, depending on how you like to work: subscribe, or purchase.

Pentascale-Tetrachord-Rhythmetrics Alliance screenshotSubscribe…

$5/month (cancel at any time)
One-time setup fee: $19.95; includes first month subscription FREE.

When you take advantage of this very low introductory price, you get access to ALL Freescaling modules. You’ll have instant online access to the step-by-step curriculum, the 300+ backing tracks, and the Rhythmetrics generator. Subscribing gives you access to ALL future Freescaling modules, some of which will be developed in response to your questions and comments. The inexpensive monthly payments can work particularly well for students.


Freescaling I screenshot… or Purchase


Some people have asked me why, when Freescaling offers so much, and has taken me so long to develop, I’m offering it so inexpensively. It’s because I know (firsthand!) that music teachers need and deserve all the help they can get. There’s nothing more important than music… yet I don’t see any piano teachers on the the Forbes 500 list. We dig into our own pockets. We do what we can to help our students. What I can do is offer this program at a steep discount. I want you to use it. I want you to see what a difference it will make for yourself and your students. I want you and them to play to learn — and to love every minute of it.


Whether you subscribe or purchase outright, I am confident that Freescaling will be a fantastic value for you, and it’s worth hundreds of dollars. After more than 60 years of playing the piano, having taught hundreds of students in thousands of lessons, I can tell you that the Freescaling process works. Freescaling is a new, fun, practical way for teachers to help their students make music.

I want you to get in touch with me and tell me how Freescaling is working in your own studio!