Rhythm-driven improvising

"Oh my gosh, everybody should try this. It's SO FUN."

— 44-year-old student


When talking about music, people often focus on just one thing: the notes.

Truth is, though, it’s rhythm at the heart of making interesting music. And now Rhythmetrics provides a way to sharpen rhythmic skills in play-along Freescaling sessions.

Rhythetrics BRhythmetrics offers over 100 one-measure rhythmic phrases, which you can use alone or combine in permutations. You’ll be introduced to the techniques in the first Freescaling module, Breaking Looseand each additional module adds more to play with. You’ll love playing around with Rhythmetrics — there’s always something surprising and interesting going on.

If you’re a teacher, Rhythmetrics presents a wonderful opportunity to generate creative assignments for your students. At the click of a mouse, students have access to any Key, a new set of rhythms, and new techniques for playing with rhythms. The possibilities are literally endless.

Although there’s no need to memorize these phrases, students will find that they naturally become part of their rhythmic repertoire. Rhythmetrics is an intuitive and simple process that starts the creative process right away.